My Teaching

Over the past years I have instructed many law enforcement courses and I am an Adjunct Professor for the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in the Graduate Criminal Justice Program.  I designed and instruct a Forensic Investigation in the Criminal Justice System course for the college.  I have also instructed at the college level presenting seminars and as guest speakers at Stockton College, Atlantic Cape Community College, Wilmington University, and law enforcement seminars hosted by the University of Pennsylvania.

I have provided instruction at all levels of education from classroom visitation at the grade school, middle school, and high school level to instructing college students to professionals in law enforcement and emergency services.  I have provided instruction as a Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) teacher and a as a Parent DARE instructor, along with hosting teen conferences on education for anti-bullying, drug abuse awareness, and teamwork.  While an undergraduate at Kean University I worked as a Residence Hall Assistant where I held courses for campus students on pregnancy awareness, college campus safety, and drug abuse.

During my law enforcement career I have instructed police recruits, new officers, emergency medical workers, and seasoned police officers in areas to include:  Forensic Crime Scene Investigation, Documentation, and Reconstruction (Ballistics, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Post-Mortem Examination, Buried and Surface Body Recovery, Accident Investigation, Fingerprint Development and Identification), Responding to Critical and Serious Incidents, Understanding Evidence to Include DNA and Biological Fluids, Understanding the Media and Media Relations, Officer Safety, Serial Murder, Homicide Investigation, Photography, Physical Fitness for the Law Enforcement Officer, and Leadership in Law Enforcement to name a few.  I have designed many training/lesson plans and developed PowerPoint presentations for over 50 courses.